Sunday, October 09, 2011

no more baby step !


Since SPM less than a month, so there are no time to play, or to sleep neither to day-dreaming. I have 2 person to beat in this examination. But first of all, I do it for Allah..then for my parents, then for my sibling and relatives also my teacher...last but not less to all my friends.

I have a target to scored !
I have a promise to fulfilled !
I have an ambition to achieved !

"No more baby step for this time, Hazim.. you must know that you are not silly in your education. You must know that you can do it because there is no impossible in your life. You enter that school with 4A1B 'ticket', then you take pure science religion with 7A2B 'ticket'. See, how smart you are ... " said my friend to me.

Oh Allah, guide me in every time I need you. I must wake up even I have fail in my trial. Many people support me from the back, so I must wake up. move further ! I'm khalifah in this world. No more reason to fail !

# Dear readers... pray for my success in my examination ...

special guest :)