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story: Best Friend Till Jannah BFTJ


   As Siti approached Kampung Shaari, wooden houses with zinc and thatched roofs came into sight. After 10 years Siti leaved her village, the picturesque of Kampong Shaari never changed-nestled amidst lush green forest and verdant field. The smell of wind flowers mingled with the fragrance and the alluring scent of wild jasmine mixed with the fresh smell of cut grass always tantalizes the senses for those who enter this village. These unfamiliar panorama were the catalyst in her life for reminiscing about something that is unforgettable that happened in her life about 15 years ago...

   It was the fruit season. The wind carried the strong smell of durians and other fruity aromas. There were a well-built a bulk of a man and a slim-waisted woman sitting at the bridge while watching the canopy of stars with their bright twinkling lights appeared like a carpet of jewels and it was really a beautiful sight. Nur and Siti were good friends since they were 3 years old. The villagers knew about their friendship, that was like close siblings and they always achieved award for their success in every examination.

   "Siti, I have something important to tell you."
   "It seems like you have something important to talk about."
   "Yes. You are right! There is something important that I have to tell you."
   "I shall lend my ears to hear you words, my friend."
   "Hmmm, would you believe that I can see the ghost around us ?"
   "What the?! Are you trying to make a silly joke with me."
   "No! Siti, I tell you the truth! I don't know how to explain but I am not joking with you! I thought that you will believe me, but I was wrong. Very dissapointing!"
   "Nur, since the first time I met you, I knew that you was not a liar and I will try to believe your word even it is hard to believe."

   Nur smiled warmly after hearing Siti's answer. She knew that only Siti was willing to listen to her words and try to believe it. If she told the other villagers the villagers would say that she had lost her mind, she was a weird also a big-fat-liar boy. On the other hand, Siti was not like them! Although she was one year older than her, but she with her open mind will listen to her stories and her sighs because she was a caring and creme de la creme person. That's why she liked to make Siti as her best companion in her life. In fact, both of them have a brilliant brain like Albert Einstain-the most popular scinetist in the world! They were the cleverest students who always got outstanding result in their school.

   "Nur, listen to. If you have manage to study in United Kingdom and achieve your ambition as a successful Islamic Engineer, please don't forget our friendship, our moments, our merriments and most important, our promise that we have dealt. I will keep your secret and I will never let the cat out from the bag."
   "Thank you so much my beloved friend! If god will, I will fulfil our promise that we have agreed together. Thanks again because you promised to hold my secret."
   "Nur, it seems that the moon was hinding behing the clouds and we fumbled in the dark. So, it's not suitable for us to stay until late at night at this place and we must go home now because it is already quarter to 11 o'clock. We will meet again tomorrow, farewell my friend."

   In her room, while watching outside the window and listening to the cry of million cicadas that broke the silence of the night, she thought about Nur said to her just now. Did she lie to her ? Or did she tell her the truth ? Who knews ?? Lately, she was heard the rumors about Nur's ability to see something that Tom, Dick and Harry cannot see. Some of the villagers thought that Nur was crazy and out from she mind, but she trusted her because she never prone to lie to her, even once.

   "How can she get something that is only gifted for certain people who have that ability, but why must her ? Her parents were from shaman's lineage. So how could she get that ability ?"

   Siti's mind was confused because of thousand and one questions about Nur's extraordinary ability. Siti slept tightly and left the questions behind.

   Sunlight streamed through the open window and there was a glow in the room. Siti woke up late at 8 o'clock in the morning and was awokened by her mother with a bad news that she could not accep. The news was about Nur's death in his room after perfrorming 'solat Subuh' around 6 o'clock in the morning. Nur died because of asthma. Siti could not dare to hear that news. Nurone of her best friends in the world had gone and left her behind. Siti cried like a baby. She did know what to do. As fast as lightning, without wearing her Fipper, and her tears rolling down on her egg-shaped face, she sprinted to Nur's house. She climbed the stair hurriedly and approached Nur's dead body. She shacked the dead body vigorously hoping that Nur would be alive again.

   "Nur!!! Why must you go first?! How could you leaved me behind?! Nur!! Its' unfair, why He takes you from me when I need you to be by my side, support me in my lessons, encourage me in my life. You are everything for me...."

   Siti was like losing her mind, she could face the fate that Allah the mighty had taken her beloved frined in her life. Siti sat at the hall, waiting for the funeral ceremony to end. She followed the pracession to the graveyard. Her tears never stopped from rolling down on her face. She felt lonely, no more jokes from that clumsy person, no more laugh from that laugh out loud person, no more apple of her eyes to hear her stories or sighs neither complaints. Nur's death brought a deep effect in Siti's life. Since that incident, Siti became someone who was as quiet as mouse. No more Nur in her 'Our Chronicles' diary, no more bubbly life and the cloud nine scenario in her daily life. No more.

   This situation really made her mother worried about her, Her mid year examination result dropped from top 1 to top 30 in her class. She never took care of her lesson and never in a tip-top condition during class session. Siti could not accept the truth that Nur was gone. Permanently gone in her life. Her mother very worried about her condition because it will ruin her result in trial examination and her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination. In fact, SPM trial examination was around the corner.

   One day, Amiza and Ain met her at the bus stop.

   "Siti, do you want to join our theatre presentation? We need a talented and a smart actress in our presentation. Would you like to join ??"

   Everybody knew that Nur and Siti were the professional actors and actress in their school, but it was emphatically changed when Nur's gone. Siti gave up her career in acting series. She could not do it without Nur because Nur was the protagonist to enhance her in every theatre presentation occur. Suddenly, something miracle happened. Nur appeared in front of her. Siti was as happy as child and smiled sweetly to her. Nur smiled back to her.

   "Siti, don't worry...Only you can see me in this situation, the rest can't. Siti, please don't be like this! Did you forget our promise? Did you forget what have you said? Siti, no matter how hard your condition that you are facing, please remember...I always be by your side, always in your heart, support you in your lesson and accompany you when you are lonely. Siti, from now on, you must put your best foot forward because trial SPM examination will be held on next 3 week, you must turn over a new leaf, begin you life with new hope, new target and new goal! Remember my words, life is unpredictable!"

   Nur's body divided apart, each part slowly changed and formed a greenish and redish butterfly and flew away around the surrounding. Amiza and Ain looked at what was weirdly happening because suddenly greenish and redish butterfly flew away followed by the alluring scent of roses spread to the surrounding. Siti came more energetic and calmer than before like the sun gave her cosmic power.

   "Nur, you were right! Life is unpredictable! I will do the best and nver let the cat out from the bag! I promise."

#Cerita ini ialah 100% idea asal dan karangan saya sendiri yang diilhamkan oleh Allah kepada saya. Saya menulis cerita ini pada 2 minggu sebelum SPM dan hasil bimbingan cikgu, saya memperbaiki kelemahan saya dalam B.I. Cerita ini merupakan draf kepada karangan B.I saya ketika SPM yang lepas, dan hampir 90% daripada cerita ini saya gunakan ketika menjawab soalan karangan Bahasa Inggeris yang berbentuk cerita. Doakan kejayaan saya dalam SPM..

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