Friday, July 08, 2011

english's essay

        Television is a one of the famous and familiar things in the world. Who does not know what is television? Even kids around three years old also know what is television. Television programmes are one of the entertainments in our daily life after internet, radio and newspaper. During our grandparent's life, television progrmammes brings more influence and benefits such as a lot of information, news around them that they can get, but now? Television programmes nowadays bring bad influence and benefit to children and teenagers. Eventhough television brings more useless entertainment than additional information in our daily life. I agree with this statemnet because many teenagers are easily affected by television programme like 'World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)'.

        Television programmes nowadays bring bad lazy habit in our daily children's and teenagers' life. They are more focused on television programme ratter than doing some revition or study abaout waht they have studied during class school session. For them, watching television programme are more interactive, fun than studying. If they continuosly watch television programme until midnight, they will get a bad result in their examination because they study on the last minute of examination. Please do not burn the midnight oil. This action will be done if the teenagers and the children twenty-four hours watching television programme without any attention from their parents. Television programmes will make the children forget what they have learnt in school, because children are easily influenced by some bad television programmes.

        In addition, television programme will affect on teenagers' daily life style. Most teenagers like to watch 'World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)' Moreover, they have known the names of the characters and their special skills in that televesion programme. Even we have on reminded with this note "where ever you are, what ever you do, please don't do this at home", but the teenagers strictly want to try the skills that they have learnt in that television programme on their friends or their junior at the end school session. This will cause bullying case and will pollute their school's record. They have be reminded that the television programmes are not suitable for those who are under eighteen years old. But they still want to watch it because they are attracted to the skills on that television programme.

        Next, television programmes are very important than everything in children's and teenagers' daily life. They keep watching television programmes even their parents ask their children to help them if they have to face hard condition. This are unhealthy attitute because they put television programmes at the first place in their lives and their mind than doing something very important like helping their parents, performing prayes and others. Performing five daily prayes or helping parents are the first things to done before watching televesion programmes. Performing five daily prayers or helping parents if they are in hard condition and situation only are the simplest thing to do. We do not use a lot of kinetic energy to do that action.

        Furthermore, teenagers are easily affected in their social lifestyle. If they always watch love drama like korean drama, hindi drama, malay drama and others, they will be attracted to do like what that they have watched. They will hang out with their lover, dating at hidden places and do something does not right. This action will ruin our honour as muslims. Those dramas are suitable  for people who have matured thinking and are married. Teenagers are still students even in university or college, they are still students. Students must be hardworking in their lesson and their studies because they will lead our country to the brighter future for all. If they continuosly watch love drama or movies that are not suitable for them, they will ruin their own future because they are not hardworking in studies. On a result, they get the lowest result

        Thus, television programmes nowadays bring more bad influence to children and teenagers. For those who are responsible for this action, please take note and please make sure some changes in television programmes from bad to something useful for everytypes of genders and ages. There are many kinds of additional information that can be replaced on the television programmes like national geographics, healthy lifestyle, news around us and others. This information can rebuild a successful generation in future for our man kind and for our country in the future because teenagers for this century will lead our country in the future.

*teacher's comment: Good presentation and organisation of ideas but please be more careful with your grammar

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